Why Having Car Insurance is Important

When going out for a drive, Car owners should take great care not just about their life but also of their car. But sadly not every car owner is cautious while driving which leads to road accidents and ultimately them ending-up paying unexpected expenses.

If you’re a car owner without car insurance you should consider buying one, as owning a car without an insurance policy can be a living nightmare full of bills that need paying.

  1. Medical Bills
    A car accident can lead to injuries which ultimately land you in a hospital where you spend time recovering and paying your medical bills.
  2. Medical bills of the people injured
    If the people around the incident were injured as well, you would also have to pay their medical bills.
  3. Repair costs of the property damage
    Say for instance your car collided with the entrance of someone’s front gate. You end up paying for their damaged gate as well.
  4. Repair costs of the car
    And let’s not forget about the repair costs of your damaged vehicle.
  5. Totaled car
    Say for instance you were driving a car that you just bought with an EMI plan. It’s the third month and your car is completely totaled because of an accident.

In other words, you lose your perfectly new car and would still have to pay the EMI amount every month.

You’ll be surprised to know that at times mishap to your car can also happen because of external factors like;

  • Vandalism
    Scratches, dents, broken glass, graffiti, glue in keyholes, and slashed tires are some of the most common types of vandalism faced in inner cities.
  • Theft of car parts
    Thieves find this to be an effective way of making easy money, as stealing car parts don’t require much skill and can be accomplished in minutes.
  • Stolen cars
    Every year, police make some progress in recovering stolen cars however, the recovery rate is still not close to the total number of cars stolen.
  • Riots
    Riot is a time when parked cars face maximum damage in the form of loots and vandalism.
  • Flooding
    From forming rust to damaged electronic wiring, floods are a natural disaster that can ruin your brand new car.

Yes, owning a vehicle comes with a lot of unexpected expenses that you need paying, especially if you don’t have car insurance. Which is why it is crucial that every car owner goes for car insurance.